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Kinetico - How A Water Softener Works

Ever wonder how that water softener in your basement or garage actually works? Let Stuart Park, Senior Engineer at Kinetico, and Mr. Resin, explain it. To le...

Rik V Rik V says:
how to change a filter on a kinetico water softener?
I have a 6yr old Kinetico Quad-51 water softener system I need to change the filters and Kinetico wants a lot of money to do it and won't give me any answers.
ckm says:
Does this help?


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How a water softener works. Hard water is softened by removing the calcium and magnesium it contains. When hard water passes through the softening system’s resin ... Our Products Kinetico Home Water Systems. No matter your water problem or budget, Kinetico has answers for you. In fact, we’re so sure that we offer the most ... Kinetico Canada offers the worlds most efficient and environmentally friendly NSF certified water treatment systems, water softeners, water filters, including the ... Welcome to Kinetico UK – water softener and water filter systems. Soft water products from the world's leading water treatment specialists.
Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

by Aquios
List price: $599.00
Price: $460.92
Buy Now

  • 20 Year warranty, 40,000 gallon cartridge included
  • Commercial strength water conditioning and filtration, 6 month cartridge life
  • Salt-Free, Full House Water Softening and Water Filtration Treatment System Commercial grade descaler that eliminates hard water deposits and conditions water

Customer reviews (see all 24 reviews)

Great whole house softening and filtration system, January 6, 2012
I purchased the Aquios unit from Amazon right before Christmas and had it professionally installed a little over a week ago. For anyone concerned about the installation costs, I hired a local plumber and he was able to install the unit for $150...

Works as advertised so far., August 24, 2013
I researched long and hard for a water softener as I have recently bought a new home, with new washer dryer and tankless water heater.In my area it is known for some hard water and with that being said we all know what hard water does to your...

It does it!, August 3, 2012
I had this installed last week in a home we just bought. We didn't notice a change right away in the water quality. We have horrible water where we live (an ag city).I had it tested when we first moved in and and it was over 185 ppm. It...

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House 10-Year 1000000-Gallon Water Filter with Pro Install Kit

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House 10-Year 1000000-Gallon Water Filter with Pro Install Kit

by Aquasana
List price: $1,899.00
Price: $899.99
Buy Now

  • Filtering your water improves indoor air quality by reducing chemicals that vaporize in shower steam
  • Includes pre-filter, copper-zinc KDF, activated carbon, post-filter and brass fittings
  • Does not require salt, electricity, or back flushing

Customer reviews (see all 0 reviews)

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Kinetico Incorporated

Kinetco Incorporated, founded in 1970 and headquartered in Newbury, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems. An extensive network of Kinetico dealers and distributors serving residential and light commercial customers has helped more ...

Clear up you water with Advanced Water Systems

But, Advanced Water Systems is available to clear all that up for you. Advanced Water Systems is the area's authorized, independent Kinetico dealer and provides state-of –the-art, non-electric water treatment equipment including water softeners, RO

Stace Carpenter

Home Depot Store Relations Mgmt.: Providing Kinetico equipment training to Home Depot Associates (i.e. Keynote presentations, general support, etc...). -Territory Mgmt.: Providing Residential Sales support for North/Northeast Dallas Area's (i.e. Plano ...

Water softener systems

talks about the advantages of owning a Kinetico twin tank, demand operated, non-electric water softener. Visit for more information. Ever wonder how that water softener in your basement or garage actually works? Let Stuart Park ...

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